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Have you ever discussed racism with your kids?

You’re probably like most of us and concerned about saying the wrong things. That’s okay. You will say the wrong things.

When two Mondayteers presented the idea to spark conversations around this tricky subject, we decided to make this book.

We’re still learning, and we hope this simple guide can make a difference for someone.

Educate Yourself

Learn about black history and culture. Read about the lives and experiences of historical figures and movements.

Address Privilege

Be clear and honest about the advantages of white people because of skin color.

Diversify Your Heroes

Look for non-white heroes in entertainment, books, toys, games, mythology, etc.

Make New Friends

Friendships work the same, no matter what color your skin is. Create genuine bonds with people of color.

Do Something

Act against racism. Make positive change by attending rallies, volunteering for community activities, and speaking out.

Take Responsibility

A person of color may find your jokes or actions inappropriate. Reflect on why that is, and offer an apology.

Challenge Intolerance

Be aware of unfair treatment and talk about it openly. Even if you notice it from friends and family.

Open book

Kiri, Ama, and Naya
May you grow up in a world that’s tolerant and equal.
Love, Kamron & Andreas
Proud dads of kids of color


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